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Organon Jobs

Organon offers a unique work environment that combines the culture of a start-up with the scale and global reach of a Fortune 500 company.

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Nahdet Misr

Empower people to constantly develop and grow through the provision of valuable education, knowledge and skills.​

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Our mission is to deliver amazing services that we are proud of and our clients value – by combining talent, process, and technology.

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Awtad Jobs

AWTAD has been passionately pursuing its goals since 2008 to support the economic empowerment of women and youth of Egypt.

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Young Film School

Our top priority is to be dedicated to the students we have the honor of educating. Our Alumni Association, faculty, and staff are all committed to this goal. 

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Jeel Jobs 

  A world full of entertainment and fun in a safe educational framework. It is prepared by a group of psychologists and educators. 

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Arm Strong

Arm Strong presents a unique experience that will encourage self-learning and create curious minds toward exploring  in a creative and innovative way

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