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Momken Join Bootcamp 


Fully sponsored for first 10 attendees

5000 EGP

You have always had the skills and maybe tried it for a year or two, but you got so involved in building a life for you and your family.
But Now, you are ready to start utilizing your talent. 

This program is a collaboration between MOMKEN and AWTAD NGO to help you become ready to work on reorganizing your time, work on yourself and start one step at a time. 

Bootcamp Objective​

Help women to get the necessary skills to get back to work force with a 5 days intensive of training and fun activities

Who should apply?

​Women who:

1-Never worked before or worked for a year or two
2-Hasn’t worked in the past 10 years
3-Willing to commit to full time job 8 hours a day 
4-Have basic computer skills
5-Have good English skills
6-Ready to join 10 days training in Awtad headquarter in Maddi for 10 days

What will you get?

- Exposure to vacancies provided by National and Multinational companies
- Training program with needed soft skills and technical skills 

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