Momken Interview on 'Asal Ma' Duaa'

Through hosting Dr. Abeer Al-Lethey and Ms. Radwa El-Attar, the founders of the Momken platform, on "Ask with Doaa" program presented by Doaa Farouk, their personal and professional stories were shared, and the achievements they have accomplished were highlighted.

Through the "Ask with Doaa" program, the experiences and personal stories of women entrepreneurs are highlighted to inspire other women and promote initiative and motivation. The importance of empowering women economically and their role in developing society and the economy are also emphasized. The importance of building networks and support among women and promoting cooperation to achieve success is also highlighted.

The Momken platform for women works to empower women and provide the necessary support to build a better future. It works to achieve greater balance in the job market and provide equal opportunities for women in various fields. The program specifically targets women who have surpassed the age of thirty, who often face challenges in obtaining job opportunities after a long period of absence from work, whether due to marriage and starting a family or other reasons. The platform provides them with an opportunity to update their skills and gain new experiences that qualify them for reintegration into the job market.

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