Clinic Manager- Alhader


Job Responsibilities

    • Supervising the daily operations of the salon and monitoring workflow.
    • Hiring and training suitable staff to meet business needs.
    • Organizing attendance and departure schedules, taking into account peak times and seasons.
    • Monitoring orders for beauty products such as creams, oils, etc., and ensuring appropriate inventory levels.
    • Ensuring the working condition of equipment and tools used in the salon.
    • Making necessary arrangements for regular maintenance of all equipment and tools.
    • Ensuring cleanliness of the premises and monitoring the cleanliness team.
    • Ensuring that all available products meet customer needs to provide high quality.
    • Maintaining employee records, including salaries and work schedules.
    • Monitoring revenue and expense procedures and providing regular reports.
    • Innovating various promotional tools and utilizing all available advertising and marketing methods.


    • Burj Al Arab (possible residents of Amriya or El-Agamy)